Skiing Perisher 2014

In mid-September I went with some mates to Perisher in the Snowy Mountains. This was the first time I have been skiing in Australia and the first time in three years I have been on skis.

After an hour or so of slow blue and green runs I finally sorted myself out and got my skiing mojo back, and my the end of the weekend was happily skiing some “basic” black runs.

I have to make a massive mea culpa though, for the past four years I have written off Australian ski fields without even visiting them. But Perisher was amazing. It is huge, there are so many lifts and this means there are no big queues, the snow was great, yes there were trees, but there were no rocks and a massive variety of terrain to ski on.

The weather was brilliant, actually ridiculously hot for skiing, 13c at the base area, and I didn’t crash into any trees.

Below are some of the photos taken on the trip, the two of me skiing were taken by Stephanie Sandoval

Additionally, another mate put together this bloopers video from the trip:

Minor Blog Updates

Over the past week I’ve made some minor changes to the blog.

These are:

  • Brought a fourth domain which points to this site,, the other domain names are:, and
  • Changed the display of galleries inside posts
  • Made some minor CSS changes to fonts and sizes
  • Updated the research page
  • Skimmed over all 600+ blog posts from the past nine years and fixing any backward compatibility problems – mainly in the display of galleries and content summaries.
  • Noted that I am blogging so much less than I used to. The combined total of all posts so far this year is fewer than the number of posts I previously did in a month.

A Weekend in Brisbane

In early September I went to Brisbane for a weekend to celebrate a birthday with members of my family.

This was my first proper time in Brisbane, previously I have landed at the airport and immediately gone to the Gold Coast.

I was fortunate that the weekend I visited coincided with the start of the Brisbane Festival, which meant there was lots of fun stuff to see and do.

V8 Supercars SMP 400 Photos


This gallery contains 27 photos.

In late August I went to the V8 Supercars Sydney Motorsport Park 400 race at Eastern Creek.

As always I took hundreds of photos, but on this visit I was trying to get better panning shots. I’m fairly pleased with the results, and the 27 photos below are mostly focused on this.

Additionally, there are twp videos of the race start and restart embedded further below.

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USA/Canada Trip: Part Five – Quebec


This gallery contains 30 photos.

The final part of my USA/Canada trip, and the main purpose of the visit, was attending the 2014 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. This was held in Quebec City, Quebec. During the week I spent there I got to hear some amazing speakers, and spent a few evenings exploring the city – in addition to presenting my own work.

Quebec was a fascinating city, it really felt like being in Europe, the food, the street art and the churches were like nothing else I have seen in North America.

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USA/Canada Trip: Part Four – Boston


This gallery contains 39 photos.

After four days in Florida I flew to Boston for a short two day visit.

After checking into my hotel, I spent the first afternoon exploring the Public Garden, Boston Common and CBD area. Boston is one of the birthplaces of the USA and has some amazingly old churches, buildings, and markets. In particular, there was a great mix between the old and the new.

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USA/Canada Trip: Part Three – Disney World


This gallery contains 90 photos.

The third and fourth days I spent in Florida were at Disney World.

On the first day there I went to the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios – until rain brought an early end to the day. On the second day I began at Hollywood Studios and then went to Epcot and back to the Magic Kingdom for the Wishes Fireworks.

The video below shows the first minute of the wishes fireworks. The whole show was amazing. Additionally, the photos that follow are from across the two days – but photos and video don’t do the two days full justice, it was such an amazing and unique place to go to.

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USA/Canada Trip: Part Two – Kennedy Space Center


This gallery contains 28 photos.

On the second day in Florida, I went to the Kennedy Space Center. It was by pure coincidence that this was exactly 45 years to the day since man first walked on the moon.

The bus tour around the launch facilities at KSC is awesome. My inner child had such a great time, including getting a photoshopped photo of me as an astronaut.

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